In 1997 Tyler Jennings took his first breath. Since then he has continued to create art be it music videos, short films, memories or apple pie. Through film he has had the opportunity to work with independent artists, create PSA’s and promotional videos for local non-profits, edit websites for small businesses and had the fortune of capturing memories for individuals and families. His work has been screened in several film festivals in the DC-Maryland area and his pie continues to improve.

Tyler graduated from the Electronic Media and Film program at Towson University in 2019 where he learned to be a part of and even lead a team in creative story telling. From turning a school cafeteria into a five-star restaurant on a student budget to redoing nine hours of lost footage on one particularly bad day, Tyler has not only learned to take challenges as they come but enjoy all challenges along the way. 

Since graduation, Tyler has utilized his time to dive into freelance work and experiment with and improve his editing skills. He is always looking for more experience and professional partnership so feel free to reach out with any film, editing, photography or pie interests.